With over 20 years experience in the commercial property market we understand business and owner needs. Carmen Rudd Property provides flexible leasing options including short term leasing and subleasing of office and industrial spaces. With extensive experience in serviced offices and co-working spaces we see value in your empty, unused spaces. Is your office, warehouse or industrial space too big for your current needs? We can help you by leasing spaces on a short or longer term basis.

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Short Term Leasing


Open plan office spaces

Do you have a spare desk or space within an open plan office? For those just starting out an open plan office space can be a great stepping stone towards a genuine business. Shared office spaces can break down isolation barriers and encourage collaboration and innovation while also increasing revenue from space that would otherwise go to waste.


Private offices

Private office spaces are in high demand throughout the Illawarra and particularly the Wollongong CBD. Do you have an office that is sitting empty? Leasing private offices on a short term or even casual basis gives your business time to grow while gaining revenue from an otherwise empty space.


Meeting spaces

Meeting spaces are in demand throughout Wollongong and the Illawarra, with businesses outgrowing their premises and requiring additional space on an ad hoc basis. Spaces can be required for as little as an hour or as long as an entire week to run meetings, interviews and workshops. Do you have a meeting space that is sitting empty? Why not make some extra revenue to help pay for itself?

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